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American Deluxe Band is a collective of dedicated and serious musicians from Philadelphia anchored by founding member and guitarist Clay Sears who has toured and recorded with Jay Z, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Britney Spears, John Mayer, Janet Jackson, Common, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and many more. Wanting to bring to the event marketplace the elevated quality of music from the touring world, Clay formed the band around amazing vocalists Tasha Montfort, Thena Gordon, and the incomparable KJ McNeill. Funky and detailed musical arrangements, stellar vocals and passionate performances are the bedrock of the American Deluxe approach to providing top tier entertainment for private events. Music is arguably the most important element of any successful party and American Deluxe is passionate about creating the perfect energy using truly incredible music as the medium.

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What To Expect

Let me start this review by saying I’m the groom and my one big task was the music. I came across American Deluxe via a booking agency and was a little worried at first because I couldn’t find a ton of info on them or videos of their shows. Coming from grad school a few states away, I also couldn’t get down to see them live, but after speaking to Clay I felt confident in my pick. After a little back and forth with my wife about cost, we made the booking.

I cannot express how great of a decision it was. Clay was very down to earth and easy to work with. He completely got our style and there wasn’t a song played all night that didn’t have people up and dancing. The covered the whole event including ceremony and cocktail hour. My wife had a particular song she wanted to walk in to (“Home” by Edward Sharpe) and Clay and his guitar player tailored a perfect rendition for her.

Throughout the night the dance floor was packed. They got the mix of fast/slow, old/new, and hit/surprise songs perfect. I had no less than a dozen people come up to me with some variation of “Oh my goodness this band is incredible” during the reception and received a handful of texts about it in the days after. Among those that commented were a few professional musicians, all in agreement about the level of talent on stage.

If you’re deciding between multiple groups, let me cast my vote to these guys. They stand out not just as top tier musicians, but having been to a dizzying number of weddings over the last few years, I can say that they are truly unique when it comes to their set lists and their ability to read the room. If it comes down to cost, make the cuts somewhere else. You will not be disappointed!!

We can’t say enough positive things about you guys. We love that you enjoyed yourselves! I’m quoting indirectly here — but a number of friends/ family have told us you are the best wedding band they’ve ever heard. So many just said it was the best live music they’d seen in awhile! We come from somewhat musical families — and the music at our wedding was really important to us. I can say personally — I felt like I had aspirations for what songs/moments of the day would sound and look like, and you guys exceeded my expectations. Watching my family process to Morning has Broken was so beautiful — and I really had to hold it together during Blackbird. My brother said that was one of his favorite moments of the day.

Wow! All I can say is wow. From the moment Rebecca and John entered the reception to “Happy Days Are Here Again”, to the music from the great American songbook during dinner, and finally to the contemporary hits that got everyone on the dance floor, Clay and the musicians did not hit a wrong note. They really kept the party going! Many guests told me that they were at the best band they ever heard. My sister-in-law, a Tony awarding winning actress, positively raved about American Deluxe. She was impressed with the high level of musicianship of the band and the fabulous voice of the female vocalist. Several guests wanted them to extend their session and play on past midnight. That is the sign of a successful, fabulous party! As with the Avalare Strings, I can not recommend them highly enough.

A huge thanks is in order for making our wedding so fun, special and memorable.

We are still hearing about you from all our friends and family.

You and your band were amazing, followed through with all promises and couldn’t have been easier to work with.

American Deluxe exceeded my high expectations in every way, shape and form.

The flow of the party was absolutely flawless and fun!

This is not a wedding band just going through the motions and sounding like all the others…

There is American Deluxe, and there is everybody else.

Entertaining, beautiful and extraordinary.

This is a legitimate musical ensemble who I would pay to see perform in concert and who took the wedding reception to an unimaginable level! A new bar has been set.

We had the best time at our wedding, the music was incredible!

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